Ready Rack Mobile Hoarding

Ready Rack™ is a mobile internal hoarding system designed to give your client a merchandisable hoarding during refits and remodels. Using our 50kg ballast blocks you can secure the unit from excessive movement from the back face of the panel, whilst using the front face to utilise a variety of racking system, allowing your client to advertise their range of products.


Panels can be locked together and can be easily unlocked and moved using the integrated casters from the construction side only. Comes complete with Doors and Corners.

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Easy to Relocate

Locking casters allow each unit to be moved easily to desired location and secured in place. Ideal for outside of retail hours where units can simply be pushed to one side to allow easy access for construction workers.

High Strength

Each Ready Rack unit can hold up to 150kg of merchandise, with each hander carrying up to 50kg. Shelving units are also designed to hold up to 100kg worth of merchandise for each unit.

Multiple Uses

Multiple accessories are available to suit the type of retail premises. Shelving units can be easily utilised as hanging rails for garments, ideal for clothing and fashion retailers, whilst shelving can be utilised for stacking merchandise.

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