Fire Rated Hoarding

Lightweight fire rated non-combustible hoarding wall panels designed for internal linings and partitions for general industrial applications and high risk environments. Fire Stop has a density of 100kg and is suitable for low to medium height walls.


Fire Stop HD has a density of 125kg and is suited to longer wall spans and ceiling panels. The non combustibility for Mineral Fibre combined with the steel facings give Fire Stop panels a Class ‘0′ rating and according to the new European classifications for reaction to fire, a Class A1.


Reuse-A-Wall™ Fire Stop panels provide a 30-60 minute complete fire barrier.

Fire Rated

Fire Stop panels are Class 0 and Class A1 (European classification) rated

Suitable for High Risk Environments

Fire Stop gives you a 30 or 60 minute fire barrier

High Density

Fire Stop Standard has a density of 100kg while Fire Stop HD has a density of 125kg

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