Internal Hoarding

Being a modular system Reuse-A-Wall™ provides an unrivalled flexibility and with our bespoke manufacture service we are able to provide a partition to suit your exact requirements, with the following benefits:

Zero Trip™

Exclusively available from Blok N Mesh the support system from Reuse-A-Wall™ does not protrude into the public area

Safe Handling

Manufactured from specially designed PVC profiles, although immensely strong the system is light and easy to handle

No Working from Height

The basic system is installed from the surface and requires no working from height

Fire Retardant

Reuse-A-Wall™ panels are fire retardant to class 1 and class 0

Internal Hoarding Modular System

Reuse-A-Wall™ Modular system provides an unrivalled flexibility and along with our bespoke manufacture service we are able to provide a partition  to suit your exact requirement.

Low Level Hoarding Pedestrian Barrier

Reuse-A-Wall™ Pedestrian Barriers have been designed to give you a fast, effective and attractive barrier system to guide foot traffic around ongoing building works.

Pedestrian Hoarding Tunnel

Internal Hoarding Tunnels provides safe access routes for pedestrians on sites where large scale renovation work is taking place with a chance of falling objects. The modular PVC system will guide the general public safely from one destination to another, whilst protecting them from on-site hazards and shielding the works from public view.

Fire Stop Hoarding

Reuse-A-Wall™ Fire Stop panels have a mineral fibre core and due to its superior fire ratings and non-combustibility, is especially suitable for high risk locations such as airports. Fire Stop will give you either a 30 minute or 60 minute fire barrier.

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